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What's happening in Room 6?

Reading and Writing in First Grade

We are dancing right into reading and writing!! We've found our groove!! As readers, we have been going over different ways to read books, decoding strategies (we call them word helpers), and comprehension strategies.

We have learned three different ways to read a book. The first way is by reading the pictures or taking a picture walk. The second way we read a book is by reading the words. Lastly, we retell the story in our own words. All three ways increase our comprehension each time we do them.

We also learned decoding strategies (or as I like to call them - Word Helpers). We learned how to use Fly By, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, Skippy Kangaroo, and Flippy Dolphin. Your child will be coming home with an explanation for each of these strategies and a book mark to remind your child of each strategy.

This week, we read a story from our Reading Street program called Sam, Come Back! We used this story to practice finding the characters, setting, and retelling the important parts of a story.

We are writing, writing, writing!! This week, we completed our Heart Maps. Our heart maps are a collection of sketches that help us remember ideas we can write about. The heart map helps use remember the things we know and the things/people we love. We used some of our ideas to write stories this week!

Math is Fun!

This week, we started discussing some new concepts. We learned about tally marks, bar graphs, and using some of our math tools. We played some fun games to practice using numbers. We compared numbers with a game called Top It! We played a game called Penny Dice to help us practice counting. Lastly, we played a game called Bunny Hop to help us practice counting on the number line. It was A LOT of fun!

Next week, your child will bring home his/her Home Link book. I discussed this at Open House...we're finally far enough along to begin using it. I will send a letter home with the book on Thursday to explain how to use it.

Reading Calendars & Reading Folders

Coming soon will be your child's reading calendar and reading folder. Your child is asked to read for 15 minutes every night. This includes time when you read to your child or you read together. In October, we will begin tracking your child's minutes of reading. We will use this data to set a reading goal for your child.

Once our literacy centers are up and running smoothly, I will spend time reading with a group of 4-5 students to work on decoding strategies, comprehension skill/strategies or phonics patterns. After I read with your child, he/she will bring home a book to read that focuses on what we did in our reading group. So please be on the look out for your child's red reading folder. A letter will be inside to explain this further.