Geothermal Energy

By Josie C. PD: 3 Ms. Wasser


How can I create a presentation that will inform people about geothermal energy ? I choose this topic because a lot of people know about wind and solar energy. They don't know about geothermal. Geo means from the earth and thermal means heat. Geothermal energy is water or steam coming up from earth and turning into energy.

How it works

Their are many ways people create geothermal energy. One is Steam plants. They draw steam from the earth, then use to turn a turbine and produce electricity.Flash Steam uses the same method but uses hot water, at about 360℉ . Binary uses cooler water to boil a working fluid, at about 225℉, then its vaporized in a heat exchange to turn a turbine. All the left over water is pumped back in to the earth for reuse.


Right now the US has the most geothermal energy plants in the world. As of 2004 countries El Salvador, Kenya, the Philippines, Iceland, and Costa Rica use more than 15% of their electricity from geothermal sources. I think that geothermal energy is a great thing, because this is a reliably source if energy that will always be around. Unlike other power plants geothermal energy plants are emission free. There for, geothermal energy can become a important resource for the world
How does geothermal electricity work?