WCCC Teacher Academy


Technology - By: Sarah Jordan

Learning about how to use technology to communicate is a big part of learning to teach since technology of all types is present in all schools. So far we have learned how to download apps, use our google drive, and open assignments in moodle. We can now share documents with each other and Miss Snider where we can edit and comment on our fellow students papers. Even if we aren’t together in the classroom we can still keep in touch and help one another on assignments and get other opinions. One of the coolest things about using google documents is that we can all type on one paper together, we can work on our newsletter at the same time on the same page so it’s all a group effort. As we begin our teaching careers this knowledge will be very useful and the more familiar we are with how to use it the more we can help our students do more. Throughout the year we will become faster and more advanced to keep up with our fast pace generation.

Dress Code and Uniforms - By: Amber Snodgrass

The dress code for Teacher Academy is fairly lenient. In class we generally can wear anything casual and appropriate. We can also dress up if we would like. One article of clothing we can’t wear, boys or girls, is shorts. When we visit other schools on internships we get to dress up like teachers. During these internships girls can wear dresses, as long as they are appropriate and of the correct length. They can also wear nice slacks and a professional blouse that is not too revealing. Boys typically are left with the option of just wearing nice slacks, nice shoes, and dress shirts. They don’t have to wear ties but it would look more professional. When we go on field trips and volunteer to demonstrate activities, such as COSI On Wheels, we wear our Teacher Academy t-shirts that we were all given as our “lab uniforms”. The picture above shows our lab shirts.

Training - By: Arlee Carlson

Since Teacher Academy started we have done our A.L.I.C.E. training and learned about upcoming CPR and First Aid training. A.L.I.C.E. is all about what to do if an attacker came into the school. The standards are no longer to just lock down and hide, if that’s the best option then that’s what you should do. But if you have the chance, run. Get as far away from the school as possible and call help. If the attacker is there and you can’t run or hide then everyone should make as much noise as possible, throw things, fight, do whatever you can to survive. CPR and First Aid are upcoming events, were going to get certified in both so that we can assist in an emergency in our own future classrooms.

Calendar - By: Tanner Willbern

The Teacher Academy will be very busy these next couple months coming up. This will be a very crazy month for us in September. Our interning will begin in classes of Kindergarten through fourth grade from September 24th through October 17th, also we’ll be visiting Wright State the 27th of September. We will be in the classroom Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when interning and will be back at the Career Center on Mondays and Fridays. October is going to be very interesting too because we will be visiting Ann Anzalone and the college of Clark State. The winter is going to be busy because we will be interning 5th through 8th grade from November 19th through December 19, and February 11th to March 6th. Towards the end of the school year the we’ll have the option of where we wish to teach from April 15th through May 8th. It is going to be a very busy schedule for us when the school year gets into the full effect, but also be a very rewarding experience.

Favorite Teacher Letters - By: Morgen Anderson

One of the first assignments we did in Teacher Academy was writing letters to our favorite teachers. We talked about how teachers do a lot for their students and how much it means to them when they are recognized for their hard work. A teacher never truly knows the impact they have on a student, so by writing these letters to them we are showing them that they had more than just a small impact on our lives and even our futures. We will be sending out our letters sometime next week. We used our home addresses on the letters, so should they reply back the letter will be sent to each of our homes. Here’s hoping that some or even all of our teachers respond back!

Standards - By: Amanda Mousa

In Teacher Academy we learn about the new standards that are changing all the time. We learn that the nation has changed to a common core in Math and English. The change to common core will allow teachers all over America to teach the same topics in Math and English.This allows every student to have the same learning opportunities. The common core is divided by grade Kindergarten to High School in Math and English. Once you get into the high school levels of Math it then divides into the different types of math you can take such as: Geometry, and Statistics. Ohio has also adopted new History and Science standards. They have also added a new requirement for third grade teachers; they must have a reading endorsement.