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February 2015--Midterms

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Library Hours for Midterms

Archives Display

Index to Chiropractic Literature

Writing Lab

Study Rooms

It's hard to believe but midterms are almost here. We again return to opening a bit early and even open on a day we normally aren't (Presidents' Day) so you can study.

Please check out information on Dr. De Rusha in this trimester's archives display as well as a video introducing you to the Index to Chiropractic Literature if you're unfamiliar with it.

If you have papers due, don't forget we have writing assistance available in the library.

Special Events

Check out the special library midterms hours and archives display for this trimester.

Library Hours

Homecoming: We are open our regular hours during Homecoming.

February 16th-Presidents' Day: Open special hours 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Midterms: Starting February 17th, we will open at 7:00 a.m. on weekdays until Tuesday Feb. 24th. We will close at our regular times each day.

Our weekend hours remain the same.

Archives Display

Stop by our display case and check out our new exhibit! We were fortunate to have received many personal effects from Dr. and Mrs. Lamoine De Rusha, and there are a few of his items on display. Dr. De Rusha was a long-time professor at NWHSU (then NWCC), and we were lucky to have been bequeathed part of his estate.

By: Corinne Florin

The Index to Chiropractic Literature (ICL) is an indexed collection of journal articles from chiropractic publications that may or may not appear in PubMed. It's not a replacement for a solid PubMed search but it is a good complement to one. Check out the video for more information or contact the library if you have more questions.
Introduction to The Index to Chiropractic Literature

Writing Lab

Don't forget that the library offers writing lab services. We have drop-in hours during the evenings and weekends. You can stop by during the day but you may end up having to make an appointment for a daytime consultation.

Please e-mail for an appointment.

Study Rooms

Please follow these simple guidelines for study room use:

  • Do not sign up for more than two hours at a time, especially during midterms. If, after your two hours are up, no one has signed up after you, you may add another hour.
  • No tobacco products! Not smoke. Not chew. And not even vaping is allowed on school grounds.
  • No "meals" please. You may eat snacks as long as you clean up after yourself but we ask that you step outside for meals. The smells & mess associated with bigger meals tend to linger or stick.
  • Please modulate the volume of your discussions. Unfortunately, the study rooms aren't soundproof so if you're not careful, your voice carries. In fact, sound carries easily all over the library. We encourage collaboration but also courtesy for quiet study areas.

Greenawalt Library

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