I Am Malala Theme

By: Larry Peyer and Ashtyn Barton

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"I wasn't sad. I wasn't scared. I just thought : It doesn't matter what I look like. I was alive. i was thankful." This moved me because it shows that she was thankful for just being able to live.

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"I glanced over at Dr. Fiona. She had positioned a box of tissues between us, and I realized then that she had expected me to cry. Maybe the old Malala would have cried. but when you've nearly lost your life, a funny face in the mirror is simply proof that you are still here on earth" This moved me because it is another way of saying just because you are hurt very badly doesn't mean that your life is ruined.

Some possible themes for the book I Am Malala

Possible Theme #1: Confusion

Possible Theme #2: Determination

Possible Theme #3: Hope

Possible Theme #4: Bravery

Possible Theme #5: Sadness


For the entire first half of the book, when Malala was 10 years old and under, she was confused about the world. She did not know why the Taliban did not want girls to go to school, and she didn't understand just how evil the Taliban was. She did not know what the Taliban's problem was, and she did not know why she had to cover her face anytime she went outside of her house. She was confused about everything in the first part of the book.


I think that the first theme of the story is determination because Malala was determined to go to school and learn, no matter what happened. She was willing to die. On page 118 Malala says, "Aba, everybody knows they will die someday. No one can stop death. It doesn't matter if it comes from a Talib or from cancer. Let them kill me. I will die for what I believe in." This shows that Malala is determined to stand up for girls education.


I think the third theme of the story is hope because she hopes more than anything that she can just go to school along with all the other girls and be happy. She hopes that there will be peace over SWAT and over the entire world. She hopes that the Taliban will stop torturing people for no reason, and she hopes that one day she will be able to step outside without having her face covered with a burqa.


I think the fourth theme of the story is bravery because she is brave enough to go outside without having her face covered and she is brave because she doesn't exactly obey all of the Taliban rules. She is also brave because it is against the law for girls to go to school but she still does, even when almost everybody else in the school dropped out because it is against the law.


When you think about it, Malala has had a very sad life so far. Before the Taliban, life was good. She could go to school without her face covered, and she could listen to music, go to movies, dance, and do just about whatever she wanted. But then, the Taliban came and made a bunch of rules. Like she can't go to school. She was sad when she heard that news. She was sad when she heard that she had to cover her face, and she could not listen to music or dance or anything. Then, it was sad when the Taliban started bombing schools, and when the first threat came to Malala. Then, she got shot in the face. That was probably the saddest part of the whole book. But she recovered.