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When Chris Boardman set out to create his bike company.

Why are Boardman Bikes the Best?

When Chris Boardman set out to create his bike company, his goal was to produce superior bikes that could offer the highest level of performance. Chris partnered with two others and created the company in 2007. Using the most advanced computer tools, he began working towards creating seamless designs that could stand up to the highest wind velocities.

When Chris made the decision to open his company, he wanted to be involved in every aspect. Through research and design, he was able to stay in control of the types of bikes that would be created under his name. Though the company has since been bought out, Chris has remained in charge of research and development so he could continue to ensure the best bikes were being created.

Boardman bikes is a premier British bicycle company. Their award-winning designs have dramatically changed the way people view cycling. With two main ranges of bike lines being offered, they appeal to a wide variety of cycling enthusiasts.

The Elite Series features the top of the line models. These can be found through America's Neighborhood Bicycle Shop. These are the bikes professional racers use in the Olympics and other cycling events. There is also the Performance Series which features design elements from the Elite Series with bikes geared towards the entry or mid-level cyclist enthusiast.

Those who are searching for the best in bikes can find what they are looking for at America's Neighborhood Bicycle Shop. This shop is full of only the best bike models from big names in the industry. They offer a full line of Chris Boardman bikes and will be happy to help their customers choose the right model for their needs.

They also offer bike repair services so bike problems can be taken care of quickly and professionally. Contact the shop today or check out their website where you can learn more about the company and the services they offer. Whether you are a professional rider or simply enjoy cycling as a hobby, you are sure to find what you need through their extensive selection of bike models and brands.