Mind over Matter

An informational announcement on Athenian superiority.

Sparta's Uncertain Values

All this you hear about Sparta being a better city is simply an elaborate lie. The only thing the Spartans value is a strong offensive military, which will probably result in most of the Spartan men being killed or horribly maimed. Is that where you want your children to grow up? In a world where they are thrown out for the wolves if they are born weak?

Athenian Economy

On the left is a typical ship used to trade goods in Athens. Being on the Mediterranean coast, most of our trade is by sea. We barter with honey, olives, and pottery, some of our most valuable and most abundant resources. Besides trade, we also specialize in tourism. People come from all over the world come to view our tremendous markets and architecture.

Athenian Sports

Just because Athenians don't enjoy war it does not mean they aren't athletic. Actually, it was Athenians that invented the Olympic Games, which just drives the point home. Athens wants its citizens to be well-rounded, which means that they should have an interest in sports.

Treatment of Non-citizens

Athenian women are not allowed to vote, but have access to multiple jobs. Athenian slaves are mostly treated fairly and often work in the fields. In Sparta, women are treated equally to men, but slaves are often killed because of the Spartan's fear of a revolt.
Sparta or Athens?

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