Welcome to Pioneer's Open House

Adam Hewitt Period 3 Earth Science

Earthquakes PBL

The earthquakes PBL was a Project Based Learning project where we had to construct and design a house for Tony Stark. Our Essential Question was: How can we, as Structural Engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand Seismic Activity? Our final design was a square house with a triangular prism as its second story. We learned that in order to build a house that will withstand Seismic Activity we must have good foundation. We also learned to work as a team when completing such tasks.

30 Hands Project

While doing this project, I learned a little bit more about Global Warming. I also learned to plan things out and draft things before moving on to the final thing. My favorite part about this project was doing the pic collage slides.

Invention Convention

Our Invention will solve a giant waste disposal problem. It will also help homeless animals get food, water, and shelter without burning fossil fuels. We will solve the waste disposal problem by inventing a trash can that will burn the trash using a bio-ethanol fuel. This is a type of fire that causes no pollution and is efficient. We will also create houses, such as bird houses, that have solar panels that power it.

Favorite Unit

My favorite unit in Science was the Earthquakes unit. I liked this unit because of our PBL. We were supposed to construct a house for Tony Stark that would withstand Seismic Activity. I learned that when building a house like this, to have a strong foundation.