Alexja Jackson

What you give is what you get.

Being Me.

Im a senior this year and time sure does fly by fast I remember when I was a freshmen it feels like it was yesterday.Also, this year defines my future for going to college and else where. And also doing things to the SATS,ACTS and college applications an no one says that being a senior is easy.But anyways the last four years Ive shown peolpe that I am as a person is a shy, quiet, person who doesn't say much. But for my friends who has known for a while that Im a fun loving, sweet person because when Im around them I just I seem to be free with them. With my friends I we talk about our school and whats going on their, also just being funny around each other and making jokes all the time. But for at home thats when Im more relaxing and just doing my own thing always thinking about the next day and what happening in school tomorrow because if I dont I forget. Usually if Im not relaxing at home most of the time Im all was outside with practices, games, and just being active with mostly softball sometimes basketball. Well thats my story :)