By: Grace Johnson and Maddie Cats

What is a "Romance" novel?

The definition of a Romance Novel, or the romantic genre in general, is "a primary focus on the romantic relationship between two major characters with an emotionally satisfying, and optimistic ending". It's basically a book, song, poem, movie etc. that focuses on love and gives you the "warm fuzzy feelings" in your heart.


  • Typically any stereotypical romantic setting that comes to mind; summer, a vacation, school, a big city office, small town cafe etc.
  • Usually a couple that begin as good friends, or complete strangers. Then feelings start to develop mutually and either forbidden, or are hidden from one another because they are scared they don't feel the same
  • Every relationship has an issue. A break up, another person, someone who disapproves, secrets, and the like
  • One of the two is typically unapproachable to the other person. Whether they seem too popular/perfect, standoff-ish, quiet etc. The main character is almost always the one pining for the "untouchable" person, and makes the first risky advance
  • Women are usually broken and unable to open up, or very passionate and stubborn
  • Men tend to be charming and easy going, or dark and mysterious

Some Great Romance Novels

Short Story

"One Night" by Dorian Taylor is a short romance story about Emily and Charles (their names were never said, we made them up). They are a divorced couple who married too young and split up, they hadn't seen each other in 3 years but remained close through emails and phone calls. Both are in new relationships when Charles leaves London and stays in New York for a few days. He invites Emily to come visit, she goes happily. They are both very endearing to each other and talk about how their relationships are only so-so. They soon confess how they never stopped loving one another. They make love and agree that they never should have left each other. Three weeks later they are married again, but the morning Emily learns that she is pregnant Charles gets into a car accident and is in a coma.

The Notebook - Trailer