By: Melinda Gong

Author: Wendy Mass

number of pages: 453 pages

if nothing ever changed, there 'd be no such thing as candy.


A world of candy, mouthwatering creations, and suspense best describes this book.Four twelve year-old children compete against each other in the Life is Sweet factory to create the world's tastiest candy.Logan was expected to win,because after all,he is the Candymaker's son.Miles,another contestant,is strangely allergic to the color pink!Daisy,a spy,was only in the competition because she was sent to steal the secret ingredient for a client,who was Philip's father.Philip was rude at the beginning,only because he was trying to protect himself from the incident that occurred a few years ago,when his toy truck got stuck in the chocolate fountain,causing burns on Logan's face because Logan wanted to get the toy truck out.One night,Daisy snuck in while Logan and Miles were having a sleepover inside the factory.If she mixed something bad in with the secret ingredient,Philip's dad wouldn't want it.On the other hand,Philip tried to steal because his father said to him that if Philip won,he wouldn't take over the factory,which he planned on doing.All four of them came up with a plan that they would all help Philip create the winning candy,named Harmonicandy,which was an edible Harmonica that played notes.At the end,the Harmonicandy won,so the factory was safe at last.Philip gave the secret ingredient back to Logan's dad,but instead of taking it back,he showed them what was inside.Inside were there faces,all shining back up at them,full of anticipation.They were true candymaker's,and true friends.

Point of view

The point of view of this book is third person.


The theme of this novel is that if you work together as a team, anything is possible. In this story, Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip work together to create the Harmonicandy. I can apply the theme into my life, too. Sometimes I work in a group to create projects, and if we cooperate and work together as a team, we can create anything. In the book, Philip said, "It would still be a brown glob of goop without you guys." Another example in my life was during the cold, snow days when me and my mom were building a snowman. Without one of us, the snowman wouldn't have the same appearance as it would've had with both of us working together. When I work together with my friends, peers, or family, we always cooperate. If you really try hard, you can pretty much create anything if you wanted to.