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The Week Ahead for the Week of March 21- March 25


Report Cards Issued

Math Coach(es) to meet with grade levels during PLC

Recruitment Fair Meeting-Rowe and Campbell to attend.
Thanks to those of you that have already emailed me that you can assist with the
recruitment fair April 30th. We need several additional volunteers!!!


4th and 5th grade to DCMS for play

Chorus Concert @6

Science Bowl 3PM York Tech

FEMA Nuclear Interview ** More info below

4th Tuesday Collaboration and Special Area PLC Meetings


Grade Level PLC

Please send Mrs. Chivers-White your marked progress reports by the end of the day today. This will be printed and returned to you by the end of the week.

Miller to Carroll School

Science Bowl York Tech @4

PST Meeting @ 2:45


Percival to Carroll School

Goals Conference with Dr. J - Campbell

Science Bowl York Tech @4


Professional Development Exchange Day
Any certified employee who did not attend the July Professional Learning Days are
required to attend the March 25th Professional Learning Day.

Curriculum Corner

FEMA Interview

FEMA staff will be on campus from 12:45-1:15. They will interview me and/or Mrs. Chivers-White. The purpose of their interview is to ensure we know what to do if there is an event at the Catawba Nuclear Station.
Although they will most likely just talk with us, they can pull any staff member and ask them questions based on the nuclear training we have to participate in yearly ( our training was in January).

Cliff Notes
OPES has approximately 600 students and 50 staff members
Our EP-Z Sub Zone is C-2
It takes 8 buses for us to evaluate.
We evaluate to South Point High School.
After two hours, if we still have students they will be taken to the reception center is Lancaster High School for parents to pick up from there.

There are four emergency classification levels used to describe a nuclear station emergency:

Unusual Event- is the least severe. It means that there is a minor problem at the nuclear station. There is no danger to the public. No notification is made to school personnel.

Alert- is an event that could reduce the level of safety at the nuclear station. If the situation at the nuclear station is degrading, a recommendation of protective action may be made to the School District. School Principals should acknowledge receipt of the message. It is the responsibility of the School District to implement any protective actions for school children and staff.

Site Area Emergency - is an event that involves major problems with nuclear station systems needed to protect the public. Emergency Management Officials would sound the Outdoor Warning Siren System in conjunction with releasing information and instructions to the media for public dissemination. If a Site Area Emergency is declared, the same notification procedures will be followed as listed under Alert.

General Emergency- is the most severe. It means that a release of radiation into the environment is imminent or has already occurred. State and local officials would take action to protect the public. Outdoor Warning Sirens will be sounded in conjunction with media releases of information and instructions for dissemination to the public. If a General Emergency is declared, the same notification procedures will be followed as listed under Alert.


We have "Emergency Tri-Fold Folders". One ( the yellow one) is located in the main office and Mrs. Chivers-White and I each have a red one.

If you are asked a question you do not know, the answer is " I will consult the Yellow or Red Emergency folder and/or I will Call Kevin Wren (our district safety/emergency manager)

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