Devonian Era

A New Chance for Old Things 408-360 million years ago

Why go back in time to the Devonian Era

The Devonian Era has wonderful Seas of beauty that you can swim in, of course you might get a little wet so make sure to have something to dry off with

What to See and What to Bring

Go back to the age of fish and in the wet seas you can find many fish including the shark's ancestors you can also see the extinct plants you can find today in fossils, these are

tabulate coral/stromatoporoid, archaeopteryx, and the Devonian brachiopod. Now you might ask yourself what will they say we should bring and thats why we will tell you now Scuba gear, food, drinking water, first aid kit, inflatable boat, extra food for the fish so the fish don’t try to eat you, and fishing rod optional.

Major Events

Age of fishes begins as sharks and fish with sales and bony skeletons become common,

trilobites and corals flourish in the oceans, lungfish develop, and first amphibians develop.


There may be dangers but luckily we have already told you what to bring so you are prepared. Also we have different things that can kill you such as killer fish, drowning, starvation, and dehydration.