Avenue: The Podcast

with Vaynard, TK, Hayden Kliff and Notes Joy


Here's a Downloadable "Teaser Trailer" For Our Season Premiere!!

Notes Joy was sent by Kliff back in time to avoid the biggest distraction to the Crew's Podcast work. and that is the PS3. Will Notes Joy be Successful? all that and Time Travel Nostalgia infused Hijinx in the first recording session of Season 3 of Avenue: The Podcast


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Episode Guide

Meet the Cast:

VaynardQ - COO

TK - Executive Vice President of Talent Relations
Hayden Kliff - Community Spokesperson

Announcer(s) and Special Roles

Claude - CEO
Sebastian Michaelis Hardcastle "Sebby, Sebastian" - Ambassador to The Undead realm and Butler
Iria - Resident Cheeseburger

Notes Joy- Notes Joy