The Aztecs

By: Lillian E


Why did the Aztecs make sacrifices on humans?

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The Aztecs sacrificed humans because they wanted to save the people on earth. The Aztecs didn’t sacrifice over cruelty or hatred; they did it thinking that the person being sacrificed was a messenger being sent to the gods. The text said that the Aztec wanted to sacrifice the humans to “save the people on earth."

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Another website believed that the Aztecs thought that the sun needed blood from the human sacrifices to rise each day. They believed this because; they thought that since they did so many sacrifices and that a lot of human blood is “rising” to the sun and the sun has enough energy to rise. The text said that “they performed thousands of human sacrifices and that some historians think that more than 20000 people were killed when the great temple was dedicated in 148.”

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The Aztecs had a very sophisticated set of laws which were against stealing, murder, drunkenness, and property damage. The Aztecs have different court levels which decide the consequences. The different levels go all the way up to Supreme Court. The text said that if the citizens didn’t agree with the judge they would have to go to a higher court level. It also said the “one time forgiveness law” was that prior to being caught they confess and the trick could only be used once.

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