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How's food in school

food in school

in school you don't ever know what you are eating i mean people eat their food because maybe it looks like something they perceive or at least they think they' re eating something like pizza or chicken, but are you sure that that's really what you are eating ?how can you be so sure about that?.People should pay more attention on what they are eating because not everything is what it looks like.

I personally think is better to bring your own food you can make it as healthy as possible or the way you want it and you don't have to worry about what's in your lunch because you would already know.beside if you try to eat at school some healthy lunch you have to buy it but is not cheap is really expensive they give you 5 little strawberries for two dollars i mean i can buy 15 strawberries for that amount .

once i forgot to bring my own lunch and i decided to buy some fruits and vegetable, i thought how the school took away all the Dr.pepper drinks and the good pizza supposedly so we start eating healthy but when you go and buy some fruits they are more expensive then the burgers how they want us to eat healthy but the healthy food is to expensive to buy of curse we are going to go for the cheaper food.

i talk to a group of teenager and they say that the food is "disgusting and gross" there is always something wrong with the food, it can be something that someone sees, smells, or taste. people say they had found worms in their food , hair and many disgusting things that you could imagine even toe nails. imagine what they are doing in the back while they are cooking food for kids. when you see your plate of food you take caution and search for some disgusting possible things in side your food.

next time you should just take your own lunch to school believe me it would taste better