Non-Adherence to Medication

Created by: Jeimmy Amaya

About Me

Hello my name is Jeimmy Amaya and I want to share some facts about me. I am studying in Pre-medical studies to get my doctorates degree in the pharmaceutical field. I love helping others in need and I want to make a difference in the world.


Hundreds of people die each year for being non-adherent to medication which means they either don't take their medicine or they take it inaccurately. This condition is caused by factors such as the cost of medicines, side effects and time management. However, this situation can be avoided if there was something that could help patients remember when to take their medicine.



How will this device work?

A device will be created to remind patients when to take medication and when it is needed to refill. The device will be a watch for men and women. Pharmacists will be the only ones allowed to program this device. The watch will come with the name of an application that can be downloaded for free for patients and relatives to see progress. The apparatus will have many sounds, LED lights, and vibrations to notify different reminders.


Although the accessory will not be a cure for non-adherence it will aid patients with disorders that prevent them from taking their medication. There is enough research to create this device, money and time will not be a problem once different organizations are joined to help those in need.