Life in Mesopotamia

By Nerehida

The Wheeled Cart

The wheeled cart can help you pick up contruction materials to move them where you need them to be.The cart does most of the work for you since it pick up the materials for you, you will do less work.The wheeled cart can help you with lots of things.It is very help full if you are working by yourself.YOu can get your own cart. They're only cheap now but later they won't be.
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Weather in Mesopotamia

The waether in Mesopotamia is not bad but not good. You can find lot's of droughts, floods, and it can go days with out rain in some places.If you want to drow crops look for a place that rains but not alot and not a little.In the places with no rain it causes lot's of droughts.The weather is hot an dthe soil is dry and can not hold water.
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Growing our crops

There's a new way to grow your crops.And all you will need is a silt to grow your crops.You'll also need some water for your crops.It best to live by a river to get enough water for your crops.Some places get flooded so be careful where you plant.Plant somwehere where your crops can't flood when it floods.
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