Text Structures Magazine Project

Mr. Cambambia's Class


Use the following links to help you research your topics.

First, use your textbook and books in your grade level bucket. Then, use these online links. Remember to paraphrase and use your own words.

4th Grade Links

President James Polk Biography
The Republic of Texas
Republic of Texas History
The Life of Sam Houston
José Antonio Navarro: A Hero for all Texans
Mexican-American War | 3 Minute History
Documentary_The Mexican - American War
Texas Statehood and Problems with Mexico 1845

5th Grade Links

The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Sojourner Truth - Mini Biography
Biography of James Madison - America's 4th President
Biography of George Washington for Kids: Meet the American President - FreeSchool
Biography: Thomas Jefferson for Kids (Cartoons) Declaration of Independence (Educational Network)
George Washington Digital Story Book
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Fight for Women's Rights
The Trail of Tears
Trail Of Tears Short Documentary
Chickasaw Indian Project
Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

6th Grade Links

World War II: Crash Course World History #38
World War 2 in 7 Minutes
World War II - Timeline Featurette (Part 1)
World War 2: The Killing Ground (Russian German War)
Discovery Channel- The End In Europe 1945 .1/5
Mini BIO - Adolf Hitler
History Of The Berlin Wall