Canham Updates

Mrs. Canham's Class - Room 16


I can't believe we are only a few short weeks away until the end of the 3rd quarter and spring break! We have gone on a couple great field trips this past month. The students had fun being adults for the day at BizTown and also loved embracing the arts and music with Ms. O'Reilly and Mrs. Kesler at the Milwaukee Art Museum and with The Milwaukee Symphony. Our student teacher, Miss Mapes, will be leaving us at the end of the 3rd quarter. We are sad to see her go, but hope she learns a lot at her next placement in Glendale.


Reader's Workshop

We are finishing our historical fiction book clubs this week. The students had great discussions and showed deeper level thinking! We will now be digging into different text structures. We will be comparing and contrasting these text structures to be able to think more deeply about events, ideas, information and concepts presented.

Writer's Workshop

The students compared and contrasted themselves to someone else in the class, they learned how to funnel through their topics and how to format their writing while expanding their thoughts. We will now be comparing and contrasting characters in our book club books.


We are continuing to work with decimals. This week and next week we will be focusing on dividing decimals. Then, we will be working on converting units of measurement starting with the metric system and then moving on to the customary units.


We have started studying the different body systems. The students will be coming together as specialty doctors this week and forming clinics. They will be researching their specialty system - making models and diagrams to teach the other members of their clinic about their body system. The clinics will then get "patients" and work together to help figure out their patients' problems.

Science Fair!

The students have all picked a problem/question that they will be trying to answer for their science fair project. We have reinforced with the students that this project is to be done at home. A calendar has been made for each of the students to fill out with your guidance on how to complete their projects. The students' calendars can be found in their Google Drive (science folder). Here is a link to what the calendar looks like.



The students need to have working headphones everyday at school. *This is especially important when we begin Forward Testing.

Forward Testing

5th grade will be taking the Forward Exam (A Wisconsin state mandated assessment) March 28th-March 31st. Our testing times are scheduled for the morning (starting around 10:30 every day).

As parents you can assist in preparing your child(ren) in the following ways:

  • Ensure regular attendance during the examination window;

  • Have your child(ren) get plenty of rest by going to bed at a reasonable time;

  • Provide a healthy breakfast; and

  • Review the helpful information that is attached about the Forward Exam.


Parent-Teacher Conferences are one way to communicate your child’s progress. It is our hope that you have received adequate information throughout this school year to understand your child's educational performance, including strengths and areas for growth. If you as a parent believe there is a need to meet to discuss your child’s progress, you are welcome to schedule a traditional parent/teacher conference. We know that your time is valuable, so we want to emphasize that this conference is optional. Please feel comfortable with a decision to not meet if you do not feel that there is a need.

If you choose to request a conference, please sign up via Skyward Family Access. The directions were shared you last week. Here is a PDF to further clarify instructions. Conferences will take place on the evening of March 30th.

If you have questions or concerns and would like to schedule a phone conference or prefer to email me, please always feel welcome to do so!

Pictures of what we have been up to can be found on the blog under the pictures tab!