G4 Expedition

Day 4

What a wonderful 4 days together

Day 4 began with an early morning call at 4.30 for our walk to Banana Hill. The return trek takes around 3 hours and takes us through the plantation to the top of the hill, it affords beautiful views of Johor, the river and plantations.

The group undertook the trek with great ease, enjoying good conversations all the way, lighting a path for each other with our torchlights. We made it to the summit in time for a spectacular sunrise and a chance to take some very special class photographs.

We returned to the centre via a different route, enjoying the views and local wildlife on the way.

It has been a wonderful experience for us this week, as a team we have all been able to know and understand your children in different ways, many thanks for all your preparation for this expedition. The centre staff commented on how able this group of children were, they approached all the activities with such confidence and dedication. The children have been remarkably well behaved and have showed true friendship to one another.

We will be working with the office to share photographs with the group via Google Apps.

Have a very good weekend,

The G4 Expedition Team.

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PE - Heart and Sole Project

Please can you make some space on your fridge this weekend! Next week we will be presenting the children their Heart and Sole certificates, sharing their individual results with you and comparing these with the Grade averages. The certificates provide a 1-stop shop of information on healthy lifestyle choices, health and exercise ideas, to enable the children to plan for their next steps in improving their endurance, power, speed, co-ordination and agility!

UES and Grade 4 Chinese Cultural Trip to Xiamen (15th to 20th February 2017)

Have you ever heard of a tulou (土楼)?

Well, it is one of the most extraordinary types of house in China. The tulous are rural dwellings found in the southeastern province of Fujian. Constructed from the 12th century right up to the 20th, tulous are typically three to five storey structures with a thick earthen wall and a single entrance. They tend to be vast, well-fortified structures, capable of housing up to 800 people. In 2008, the tulous were named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Keen to visit one?

Besides visiting tulous,there are many other activities for the children to experience Chinese culture and to practice their language skills. Come to the Chinese Cultural Trip Information Evening to find out more!

(*Please note that this will be the only school trip to China in 2017.)

Information Evening: 26th October at 6pm in the ES Hall

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