Wake County, North Carolina

A Place to Love

Wake County is part of the Piedmont region of North Carolina. It's bordering counties are Granville County, Franklin County, Nash County, Johnston County, Harnett County, Catham County, and Durham County. Wake County was founded in 1771, and was named by Joel Lane after Margaret Wake.

Wake County Government

Wake County is governed by the Wake County Board of Commissioners, that consists of 7 members. The Board of Commissioners come up with the annual budget, set the county property tax rat, and regulate land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdicitons. The current County Manager is Jim Hartmann.

What's so important about Raleigh, anyways?

Raleigh is a city in Wake County, and it is also the County Seat. Raleigh's Mayor is currently Nancy McFarlane. She is part of the City Council, which governs the city. The City Council consists of 8 members. The City Manager is Ruffin L. Hall.

Have to see Natural Landmarks in Wake County!

Attractions perfect for the Family

Spend a relaxing day with the family, picnicking, taking pedal boats out on the beautiful lake, hiking magnificent trails, and observing all the beauty Wake County has to offer by visiting Pullen Park and Yates Mill Park. You can also follow the American Tobacco Trail to learn more about Wake County's history.