Volume 1, Issue 28

Points to Ponder

Word of the month: Change
Thought of the week: Children are NOT a distraction from more important work. They are THE MOST important work.
Funday Monday: In celebration of Mother's Day...jeans on Monday. have moms or are married to a mom, so that includes you. :-)

Important Information

-PASS testing starts this Wednesday in both computer labs. Hallways should be SILENT until an announcement is made that testing is complete.
-If you are interested in subbing for Lunch and Learn during the month of June, please let Ms. Wiggins know as soon as possible.
-Please have students place all playground balls and equipment into the designated bins before going in from recess. Also, have them pick up any papers, pencils and jackets.
-If you have a behavior problem in your classroom and do not have access to a walkie-talkie, please call the office and alert Mr. Finch. He will ensure that someone from administration or a designated person comes to assist.
-Be sure to sign up as a grade level to bring something for the volunteer breakfast. The sign up is right outside of the nurses office.
-We are celebrating our retirees this Wednesday during our normal faculty meeting times.
-Thank you to all of our book groups that presented. I learned so much and am sure your colleagues did as well. The guided math book group will present sometime before the end of the year. We will keep you updated.

Welcoming new faces to FMES

A few more contracts have be signed, which means I can introduce you to a few more of our newest Junior Jackets!

-Jennifer Hendershot-Jennifer is veteran teacher joining us from NJ. She has taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. She will serve as a 3rd grade teacher at FMES.

-Michele Szafran-Michelle is joining us from NC (around the Raleigh area). She is relocating to prepare for her impending nuptials (November). Michele will be on the 1st grade team at FMES.

-Melissa Proctor-Melissa is a veteran teacher joining us from Maryland. She is dual certified in Elementary Education and Special Education. However, she will serve as a 5th grade teacher at FMES.

-Kaitlyn Gantt-Kaitlyn is a recent graduate of the Citadel. She is excited to join the FMES family and will serve as our 2nd guidance counselor.


The MVP for the week is Meghan Collette! Read below to hear what a co-worker had to say about Meghan.

I would like to nominate Meghan Collette as MVP. Meghan spent her planning period helping one of our chicks who was stuck in his shell and saved him!

Congratulations Meghan!