Flat Teacher Project

Our Social Distancing Version of Flat Stanley

FLAT Mrs. Breton

Flat Teacher Project: Our Social Distancing Version of Flat Stanley

I am missing you guys soooooo much and want to be with you all day long! So, I have a fun little project for you so we can spend some time together! I have posted a link to a read aloud of a great story called "Flat Stanley", written by Jeff Brown. Make sure you listen to it! In the story, a bulletin board fell on him as he slept, and he became 1/2" thick! He wanted to go on a trip and since he was flat, his family folded him up and mailed him in an envelope to California. And the story continues….

We are going to change this up a little bit and I am sending a “Flat School Counselor” to you that looks just like me—Mrs. Breton. Take me with you to different places (while you eat breakfast, do your school work, play outside, etc.) or use the flip grid to create adventures and take a picture with me. They can be selfies or pictures your parents take. Feel free to be silly and have fun with this! Write down the 3 activities you did with your “Flat Mrs. Breton” and take a picture of your list to submit to my email nbreton@biddeforschools.me or Flipgrid code breton4249.

In addition, if your parents want post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram (both or whatever you use!) using the hashtag #FlatTeacher #FlatStanleySocialDistancing for everyone to see (also tag me so that it shows up on my page) Breton_207! Use both hashtags so we can find all the pictures later! It will be so much fun to see what activities you guys do with me throughout the week! I can’t wait!

Thank you for helping me with this very important project. I miss you all so much and hope you are staying safe and healthy! You can keep your “Flat Teacher” when you finish this project so you can always remember the fun we had. I wish I could really fold myself up and visit you!

Love, Mrs. Breton

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown