The Road to Perseverance

By: Sydney Kearns

"Great works are preformed not by strength, but by perseverance."

How is Perseverance Defined?

Perseverance is when someone comes back up and faces adversity, despite opposition or discouragement. This person who faces hardship is very eloquent in a way where they do not care what other people think. Perseverance is a continued effort to stride towards a goal and keep reaching out for it without giving up.

Compare and Contrast: Dartanyon and Leroy

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Problem and Solution- Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had a difficult early life because of his skin color. The problem was that people would not accept Robinson for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940’s. This was a time where racism was legal, and people did not treat other people the right way. Jackie Robinson wanted to be in the Brooklyn Dodgers and persevered to get there. The solution to this problem was when his coach was against racism, and had a strong conviction that Jackie could attend the Brooklyn Dodgers, and do well. When his coach said “you are not a candidate for the Brooklyn Brown Dodgers. I've sent for you because I’m interested in you as a candidate for the Brooklyn National League Club. I think you can play in the National League Club. How do you feel about it?” This was an exciting moment for Jackie even though he said “I was thrilled, scared and excited,” because African Americans at that time did not have the same rights that white men and women had. So, he would be honored to be on it because of that, but still scared about what other people would say who where against equality. He had a winning streak for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and broke the color barrier.

Sequence- Book is Judged by the Name on Its Cover

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What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today’s word?- Conclusion

People influence other people to do the great things they do. If someone sees another person getting up and trying again, than they would do the same, and they get influenced by them and have a steady persistence. That person would have ambition for helping people out and getting back up and trying again, no matter what the circumstances are.