The First Use Of The Solar Power

Kelsey jasso, Julio arroyo

Solar Power

In the year 1767 a Swiss scientist named Horace-Benedict de Saussure created the first solar collector – an insulated box covered with three layers of glass to absorb heat energy. Saussure’s box became widely known as the first solar oven, reaching temperatures of 230 degrees fahrenheit.
Solar Energy Rap

Who Invented solar power?

The history of solar energy begins with Leonardo da Vinci whose sketches dating back to the 15th century show that he had been designing techniques for harnessing solar energy. It seems not much had developed from then since other proof of solar power studies dated centuries later, during the 1700s.It was at this time when a Swiss scientist named Horace de Saussure began studying the potential of solar energy. In 1767, he was recognized for developing a solar energy collector (also known as a “hot box”), a first in the entire world.
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