Internet Safety

How to be safe on the internet

Tips on how to be safe

  1. NEVER give out information about yourself to a stranger
  2. Use a password with at least eight characters consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols
  3. A digital footprint leaves a trace of everywhere you've been on the internet
  4. Don't do something that might embarrass you in the future or effect friendships or even your job in the future
  5. NEVER meet someone you met online, they might not be who they say
  6. If you wouldn't say it to the persons face don't say it to them online
  7. Netiquette is acceptable ways to talk with people over the internet
  8. Privacy settings don't make everything private


Don't do things you will regret in the future

Where it will take place & when!

It will be at Fowlerville, Michigan at the high school on January 1st 2020 1:23 A.M where we will be going over the topics of internet safety and digital footprints!