The Junior Journey!

Keep your nose to the grindstone! ~ Mrs. Reimers ~ August

This year makes a difference!

Of course every year of school makes a difference, but THIS is the last year that colleges take into consideration when deciding whether or not to admit you or grant you a scholarship. You will be applying to colleges early next fall so finish this year strong to have the best positive impact on your GPA as possible! As your school counselor, I am here to guide you through that process. I expect to work with you as a team to plan out your post high school options. I will also be providing you with a lot of resources available to you regarding college/career/military information.

Click here for a preview of what is ahead of you for your senior year!

REMIND! (For reminders about deadlines and opportunities!

Class of 2017:
Enter this number: 81010
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Timeline in a glance:

  1. Maintain your GPA by putting forth full effort.
  2. Maintain or create your resume either with a word processing program or you can use Education Quest's Activities Resume.
  3. Do college and program research! Attend college fairs and decide which colleges you would like to start visiting this spring.
  4. Do scholarship research! Create a game plan for which college, outside, and local scholarships you are going to apply for. Organize by deadline order. Scholarship Quest can help you start gathering too!
  5. ACT or COMPASS - by Spring of your Junior year you should plan on taking the ACT or the COMPASS Test. Use John Baylor Test Prep to help you prepare!

College Fair! - September 18

I will be taking all juniors to a college fair on Monday, September 18 at Northeast Community College.

National ACT Test Dates!

Click here for all 2017-2018 national testing dates and registration deadlines!

Fall 2017 ACT Testing Dates:

September 9, 2017

October 28, 2017

December 9, 2017


Randolph High School will once again be offering John Baylor Test Prep to help prepare for the ACT. In school Johh Baylor Test Prep Sessions will be offered mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays leading up to the October ACT. This will be located in the FCS classroom 3rd and 8th period. If you can excuse yourself from your 3rd or 8th period class, you are welcome to attend. Otherwise, you may study the John Baylor program independently.

State Required ACT Test - APRIL 4, 2018

All juniors will be taking the ACT on Wednesday, April 4. This ACT test will be given at Randolph High School and will be an online format. John Baylor ACT Test Prep will be required prior to this test and will be a part of juniors' core classes. It is highly recommended that juniors sign up to take at LEAST one ACT test before April 4 this fall or winter.

Northeast Community College offers the ACCUPLACER Test

If you are wanting to take a college credit English Composition or Math class, you will need either an ACT score or an ACCUPLACER score. Contact the Northeast Community College Testing Center to set up your ACCUPLACER Test on a weekday you do not have school.

PSAT - National Merit Qualifiers - October 11:

I will be inviting the top 5 students to sign up for the PSAT Test. This test score can make you eligible for National Merit Scholarships. Go to the National Merit Scholarship Website for more information about what this opportunity can do for you.

ASVAB will be given Friday, January 19

All juniors who have never taken the ASVAB before will be taking the ASVAB test this year as it benefits every student in the process of career education. This test can be used as an entry score into the military or it can be used for interest inventory information.

College Recruiters/College Visits (Polish your handshaking skills!)

SPRING 2018 -

College Recruiters:
I highly encourage you to take advantage of college recruiter visits. Even if you are not really interested in a particular college, the more colleges you are familiar with - the more you may realize what you like and dislike. Upcoming College Recruiter visits will be posted on the bulletin board by the school counseling office.

College Visits:
College visits are HIGHLY recommended! It is extremely helpful to physically be at a college campus in order to know if it is a right fit for you or not. Schedule college visits through college websites and try to schedule for no school days. Please see Mrs. Reimers if you need help! :)

As your school counselor. . .

A big part of my job in the high school is helping you navigate your way to give you the best possible game plan for after high school. However, I am also here for any academic struggles and social/emotional struggles. Please keep in my mind that I honor confidentiality in that anything you tell me stays private unless it is ok with you that I discuss the matter with someone else or if someone is hurting you, you want to hurt someone, or if you want to hurt yourself. My job is to help keep everyone safe and help them be the best they can be.