Slash Advertising Costs

The Ultimate Viral Marketing System:

Smart Media Branding Benefits

  • Promote your product or services by giving out unlimited HPP systems
  • Brand & promote 24/7 globally for just $30 per month!
  • Change your branding at the touch of a button with no additional cost
  • Your Free Members are rewarded for using your promotional medium
  • Provides maximum exposure and top-of-mind awareness for possibly hours each day to the same person
    • What other form of advertising can do this?
  • Incentives for Free Members to introduce others to your branded system
  • New customers will become repeat customers
  • Do traditional media allow you to engage with your customer?
    • Imagine what you could do with the built in Smart Chat system!
  • Blast out special deals regularly using the branding, chat or mail features
  • Constantly drive traffic to sales pages using these features

Advertising Packages:

  • Smart Media Ultimate Members can set up a Pay Per Click advertising budget which includes:
      • Rights to advertise to Smart Media members through our Pay Per Click advertising banner system
      • Online access for creating and managing the PPC advertising banners
      • Comprehensive PPC tracking and monitoring system
      • Change PPC banners automatically at no additional cost
      • Unlimited number of banners permitted
      • Advertise to Smart Media members Locally, Regionally, Nationally, Internationally


  • Advertising Packages can be purchased from as little as US$100 up to US$10,000.
    • Discounts on Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression are given on a sliding scale with up to a 50% discount for the $10,000 package
  • Commission:
    • 25% on all initial and ongoing purchases for the lifetime of every advertising account you set up

Note: You can pick up additional income by participating in our Smart Media Shared Revenue Program

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Exceptional Value for Advertisers, Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Numerous ways for YOU to stand out in the crowd including:
  • Advertising System
  • Branding System
  • Communication System
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Lead Tracking System
  • Free Member System