Aviator-Steam(punk) Glasses

The Invention of the "Present"

The Tool of the Century

Something to highlight a genre no one had probably ever heard of before.

Bring me your weird, you gory, your tired...

I have an obsession with aviator goggles since I'd first seen them, which is funny because I don't remember when I first saw them. Anyways, I love the hat, and the goggles, but the mere thought of flying in a plane wanted to make me sick. And if I wanted to make this a new fashion trend I have another thing coming because no matter how awesome these hats and goggles look I doubt anyone who isn't flying a plane is going to wear it on their heads voluntarily.

Just thought to give it a try.

What is Steam-punk?

It is a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Why this invention is important

This invention is important because it both, brings back an old, or non-used style and gives it to a new generation. Also, because you can make these glasses available for people who need to be able to see. These glasses are good for anyone who likes a new fashion or likes steam-punk genre.Also, because our school is big on science, and the steam-punk genre is full of scientific themes.
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You're probably wondering...

...what all this has to do with anything, but if you didn't catch it I'm making a fashion statement people!!! Trust me, the aviator-steam-punk fashion train has already left the station and has plenty of loyal followers, but I guess I just wanted to show you why this trend even exists. It all started in our nation's history, when aviators could fly...

And even more text (I'm trying to make this fun guys)

I think that bringing this genre into our world is a fascinating idea, and that everyone should embrace a fashion if they truly want to. I think that these fashions can remind us of where we come from, and (depending on how we wear them) make us look cool. We can open out minds to the genre of steam-punk, and learn to fly.