Expect problems and eat them for breakfast-Alfred Montapert

What Does Breakfast Mean?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Without a good breakfast you will have no fuel for the first half of your day and your body will not function to its fullest extent. Breakfast can be something as simple as granola, yogurt and fruit or as extravagant as sausage,eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns.

Why Should YOU Eat Breakfast?

Why should everyone take the time out of their schedules to eat breakfast? A good breakfast provides energy and nutrients that is essential for your body to function, studies show that if you skip a hearty breakfast it is very unlikely you will get the vitamins and minerals your body needs and eating breakfast can give you lot's of energy so you get rid of your mid-morning slump!

Foods To Eat For Breakfast,

Influencing Breakfast Choices


Like everything else the things we do can influence our choices, this also includes breakfast.


The availability of food can be one of the biggest factors that influence our breakfast choices. Many schools have vending machines or canteens which often serve fat-filled and food that is lacking in nutrition, this cause children to have a bad and unnecessary start to the day. Also fast-food can look like the easiest option because it is fast, cheap and not messy but if you buy a loaf of bread and a box of eggs you can have breakfast for the whole week and it would be under $10 and much more healthier.

Most of the time our mental state can effect the way we eat and vice versa. If we eat unhealthy all of the time our body would not work properly and could not only result in health problems but mental health problems as well, such as depression, because our body is lacking in energy which could take a toll on our emotions. Also studies have proven that if we are suffering from anxiety, depression, boredom, stress or any mental problems our eating cycle may suffer. If you are suffering from mental stress please seek help.

Studies have shown that people who graze through out the day and not have proper meals tend to be a lot less healthier than people who have proper regular meals. Also eating disorders can take a big turn for peoples eating cycles. Eating disorders can include binging, bulimia nervousa and not eating at all (anorexia). These disease are extremely dangerous and are mostly caused by psychological problems. If you are suffering from these problems or know of someone suffering please get help. You can call the eating disorder helpline on

1300 550 236

Cultural beliefs can take affect on the consumption of breakfasts. For example some cultural believe you must eat before sunrise whilst others may not allow dairy. If you are not happy with your cultural beliefs you may need to talk to adults or elders for help and advice.