Gamma Waves

By:Eve Gilreath

What is gamma?

-Some cancer treatment

-Nuclear bombs, plants, etc.

-ensure the proper fill level for packages of food, drugs and other products.

-sterilize medical equipment in hospitals

Range is

Wavelength is <ten to the negative 12 power meters

frequency in Hz ten to the twenthieth power - ten to the twenty fourth power Hz

This is about what makes a gamma ray and what it is.
NASA | What Are Gamma Rays?



Its main instrument is he large area telescope and gamma-ray burst monitor . It also has high and low energy detectors. It Shows burst, pulsars, black holes, etc. in space which make gamma waves.This technology is helping us answer questions on many things that are happening in space. This is helping us predict the birth and the evolution of the Universe.The creator is Enrico Fermi, it was launched on January 11, 2008.

This shows what Fermi is and does in space.
NASA | What is Fermi?
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This is Fermi in space.

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This is a two year observation of the sky