28 facts about me

Tyler Vickery

28 facts about my birthday

  1. In 1790 the first copyright was made from the Copyright act.

  2. In 1911 the hull of the Titanic was launched.

  3. In 1977 the trans-Alaska pipeline was completed.

  4. The number one hit song that day was 21 questions by 50cent.

  5. In 1634 the colony of Massachusetts annexes the colony of Maine.

  6. In 1868 the first Memorial day parade was held in Ironton, Ohio.

  7. In 1879 the first electric railway was opened in Berlin.

  8. In 1884 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patents flaked cereal.

  9. In 1900 U.S troops arrive in Beijing to put down the boxer rebellion.

  10. In 1910 The Cape of good hope becomes part of the union of south africa.

  11. In 1910 The Union of south Africa declares its independence from the United Kingdom.

  12. In 1912 U.S marines land in Cuba.

  13. In 1913 The 17th amendment is ratified.

  14. In 1915 An LZ-38 completes a successful air raid of London.

  15. In 1916 The battle of Jutland occurs leaving 8,500 dead.

  16. In 1919 NC-4 aircraft commanded by AC Read completes the first crossing of the Atlantic.

  17. In 1941 the first issue of “Parade” goes on sale.

  18. In 1941 the British leave Crete.

  19. In 1944 there is an allied breakthrough in Italy.

  20. In 1990 Seinfeld debuts on NBC.

  21. President Bush was president.

  22. The Iraq war was happening.

  23. The gas prices in Alabama were around 90 cents.

  24. The artist of the year in 2003 was 50 cent.

  25. The top song of the year was In Da Club by 50 cent.

  26. In 2003 digital cameras were first integrated into cellphones.

  27. In 2003 cargo pants were stylish as they are now.

  28. In 2003 blunt side bangs were popular.

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