Black/Worm Holes Aster/Meteor oids

By:Owin Buschur, Jadeh Hildebrandt , and Jake Moore

Black Holes

Black holes are formed in the last stages of the lives of super massive stars.
They're gravitational field according to the Einstein Rosen Bridge Theory (theory of relativity) their gravitational fields are so strong that light it's self can't escape it's pull.

Worm Holes

The same theory also hints at the existence of gravitational anomalies that would link different parts of the universe together (worm holes). However their gravitational fields would reppel all matter attempting to enter and would need something to cancel out its field (anti-matter or exotic matter)

Asteroids and Meteoriods

The only major differences between a meteoroid and an asteroid would be their size. Asteroids can rage from objects only a few hundred meters across to some the size of a small planet. Meteoroids are far smaller normally being between the size of several school buses to the size of a grain of sand. They both have roughly the same composition ,but may very from one to the next . Their composition includes water ice, carbon dioxide ice, metal, and rock.

Finally to combine these topics we found a video of an asteroid going into a black hole.