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Dawes Act

The Dawes act was created in 1887. This allowed the president of the United States to view American Indian tribal land. This also made them divide it into smaller sections for one individual Indian person. Henry Dawes was the creator of this act, who had strong beliefs in ones ownership to personal property.

Pendleton Act

The Pendleton Act was a federal law that became established during 1883. This made sure that government jobs would be awarded based off how good you were at your job. At the time, Chester Arthur was acting president. The main goal of this act was to put a break to the Spoils system. The law was supported by the senator of Ohio, George Hunt Pendleton.

Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt Jackson was an American poet who later became an activist on improving treatment for Native Americans by the U.S government.
  • poet and writer of children’s stories
  • met Don Antonio Coronel in Los Angeles
  • died of cancer on August 12, 1885
  • published "Romona"

Morrill Act

  • known as the Land Grant College Act

  • On July 2nd, Abraham Lincoln signed the bill
  • gave each state 30,000 acres of public land for each Senator

  • money from sale of land was supposed to go to a fund for college
  • this act improved lots of peoples live
  • gave education support directly from the government

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