Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * June 8, 2015


This week, we continue with our unit on Surprises as we read two new selections. Two of Everything is a folktale from China. A farmer finds an unusual brass pot that doubles everything put inside it. But, is that always a good thing? In the traditional tale of Stone Soup, we’ll read about a clever man who figures out how to make soup from a stone. With both stories, we’ll explore the question, “What clues help you understand a story character?

Target Vocabulary: contained, grateful, startled, odd, search, leaned, tossed, village

Phonics Skills: Reading long words; vowel diphthongs oi (boil, oy (toy)

Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms

Comprehension Skill: Summarize - stop to tell important events as you read

Comprehension Strategy: Response to literature

The nonfiction reports are behind the second graders. They have worked hard on completing this project and are looking forward to having open house to share them with the other students at Stoy. Your child will bring their report home later this week. I hope you enjoy reading them. Now it is time to move on to our final writing project of the school year. The students will work in pairs to write an informational essay about a certain aspect of Second Grade. Then, I will record them using the iPad to create a video to share with the First Graders. Our goal is to provide them with some helpful information to prepare for Second Grade.


Lesson 11-6: Multiplication Facts

  • Use skip counting and model multiplication
  • Create arrays to model multiplication
  • Write number sentences to model number stories
  • Vocabulary: multiplication fact, fact power

Lesson 11-7: Products Table

  • Using equal shares to model division in the context of number stories
  • Using arrays to model multiplication
  • Finding number patterns
  • Turn around rule for multiplication

Lesson 11-8: Multiplication/Division Fact Families

  • Using skip counting to model multiplication
  • Drawing arrays to model multiplication in the context of number stories
  • Write number sentences to model number stories
  • Vocabulary: fact family

Lesson 11-9: Multiplication/Division Fact Practice

  • Using equal sharing to model division in the context of number stories
  • Using arrays, skip counting, and repeated addition to model multiplication
  • Write number sentences to model number stories

Camp Creek Run

We had a great time at Camp Creek Run. Despite morning raindrops, the students kept a positive attitude and were able to participate in all four sessions. The most popular one being finding tadpoles dragonfly larvae in the lake. On the way home, we even had some time for selfies.


June 9th - Music and Art Extravaganza 6-9 at RMS/HTHS (raindate, Juen 10th)
June 10th - Last Day of homework!!
June 11th - Student Council Crazy Sock Day $1.00 donation for participation
June 11th - No Homework Night!
June 14th - Flag Day!!
June 15th - End of Year party!
June 16th - Unit 11 Math Test
June 17th, 18th, 19th - Half Days
June 17th - 5th Grade Egg Drop & PTA Splash Party 4:30-7:00
June 18th - Game Day @ Recchino Field
June 19th - Last Day of School
June 21st - Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful Dads

Happy Birthday! June 12th J.T. Arizzi