14th Amendment

By Shreyas & Lewis

The 14th Amendment was introduced to grant basic rights and strengthen the concept of equality for all men & women.


  • After the 13th Amendment, the slaves were free but not empowered.
  • After the Civil war, the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments were aimed towards equality of former slaves.
  • To give the freedom of the slaves (13th Amendment) more meaning.


  • It was passed on July 28th, 1866.
  • The 14th Amendment declared all men and women born on American soil to be equal, basically through the principle of citizenship.
  • Even though this was now a law, ample efforts were put in to ensure that this was enforced in all states.


  • It impacted the lives of the former slaves, by granting them equal access to life, liberty & property.
  • This was a huge leap in taking the route forward to adult suffrage.
  • The former slaves could finally live freely & have total control over their lives and jobs.


  • The 14th Amendment was part of the 'reconstruction amendments,' which jointly aimed towards freedom of all former slaves.
  • This was of paramount importance, as it lead to the idea of equal opportunities.