ESC-20 Family Engagement Cohort

In Collaboration with Scholastic Family Engagement

Invitation to Apply! 2019-2020 School Year!

ESC-20’s Family Engagement Department, in collaboration with Scholastic’s Family & Community Education (FACE) team will support three ESC-20 campuses by guiding their home-school partnerships to:

· Assess their current Family Engagement efforts;

· Strengthen the foundation on which they are building home-school partnerships;

· Enhance the capacity of educators and families to work together to support student learning; and to

· Transform their partnership practices.

These efforts will be conducted with a 10-member campus team through a year-long cohort of face-to-face trainings, assignments, “repurposing” existing family events, ongoing coaching support and developing an action plan to build stronger partnerships with families to support learning.


  • Campus application demonstrates a committed effort to strengthen home-school partnerships through current Family Engagement initiatives and expresses a strong desire to continue to implement family engagement practices that will have a positive impact on student achievement.

  • Campus is able to designate a 10-member campus team that represents the diversity of their campus and is able to fully commit (September-May) to all requirements. Campus team must designate a team leader (not campus principal).

  • 10 member team suggestions: campus administrator (required), 3-4 instructional staff, 2-3 parents, SPED representative, Bilingual/EL representative, counselor/social worker, community partner, district level staff.

  • Campus team commits to attend four 6-hour training sessions (dates and location TBD) and complete the necessary work and assignments between training sessions.

  • Campus participates in the Family Engagement Assessment and strives for a 40% return rate on family surveys and 100% return rate on staff surveys.

  • Campus team agrees to share with their campus community a year-long plan and strategy for implementation.

  • Campus agrees to highlight their family engagement work within their district and region 20.

  • Campus/District is able to submit payment of $4000 for the year-long cohort training and support.

ESC-20 will provide:

  • A designated ESC-20 coach to provide implementation support (before, during & after);

  • Materials and resources including Powerful Partnerships book & study guide;

  • Actionable data and recommendations to enhance home-school partnerships;

  • Opportunities to highlight & showcase Family Engagement work within ESC-20; and

  • Certificate of completion with 24 hours of professional development.

Professional Development

A Fourth Training Will be Added Based on Cohort's Needs & Requests!

After the training series, each campus team will receive on-site implementation support.

What's Included in the Family Engagement Assessment?

  • A physical walk-through of each school building (excluding classrooms) with photo and video documentation;

  • A review of all printed materials distributed to families;

  • A review of the school website, parent portal, and social media activity; “Mystery Shopper” calls to the school in English, Spanish, and any other applicable languages;

  • Surveys of building administrators, instructional staff, family-engagement staff or parent coordinator (if applicable), and students’ families; and

  • Access to an online data dashboard and virtual report that includes actionable data, commendations, photos of all assessed areas, and proven strategies to enhance home-school partnerships.


Deadline to apply is Friday, June 21st!

Selections and notifications will be made in July.

Cohort will begin in mid-September.

Download the informational flyer below!

Contact Me!

Kimberly Baumgardner

(210) 370-5431

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