Sexism in schools

Males are getting accepted in school more then females

Why is this so?

This is so because some people think that girls do all the house work and men go to school to get efficient education while girls don't. However this is WRONG because males and females are suppose to get the same exact level of learning .

In India they say that males are suppose to go to school and learn while the females stay home and do all the house chores take care of their sick and wounded husband. Plus they are sometimes used slaves in some of the smallest ways. However we can make a difference! We can sponsor a child or even start a partition to show people that sexism must stop! The reason why we want to stop sexism because we want more females to have the same exact amount of educational knowledge so everyone can be the same. So again try to make a difference because we all know that sexism isn't fair and it must stop!

Sexism: The Effects on Children