The Prairie

By: Kyra


The Marie Ratzlaff prairie is a symbol in the book when Jim is on his way to his Grandparents after his parents had passed away and he had said how dull and plain it was, nothing but grasslands and fields.


“There was nothing but land; not a country at all, but the material out of which countries are made.”
~Willa Cather, My Antonia

The Quote Reflection

This really made sense to me because the fact that when we went to the Marie Ratzlaff Prairie when you walk and or drive up to the Prairie that it's just land and fields. Land has a lot to do with the countries so this makes sense to me.

Reflection on Childhood

When i was a child my grandparents live on a farm just a mile out of town, as a child i spent a lot of time there. Just the memories of playing outside in the fresh air with all the sheep that they had and the kittens and its mean mom. Thats beside the point it just reminds me of how Jim helped out on the farm and had a garden, just reminds me of all the times i spend with my grandparents on the farm.

Reflection on my senses

  • Sees- I see a lot of grass and dead leafless trees, oh and a deere!!
  • Hear- The crunching of the grass and dead leafs, clear air, clearly here people talking and trucks, tractors.
  • Smell- The smell of the mint plant, made me think and taste my mint gum.

Three minute "Time out"

When you sit there for three minutes and close your eyes you hear a lot of clear swaying tall grasses, and the smell of the trees. When you really listen to the sounds of the birds and the tall grasses its actually very peaceful and relaxing. ( Also a good senior picture spot)