North Korea

"Land of the morning sun"


The population of north Korea is The population currently stands at around 24.45 million, according to the UN Population Division, a growth of 151% since 1950. The UN estimates that the North Korean population will rise to 24.55 million by the year 2100. The Capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. And the biomes that cover North Korea are mountains, and plains, the wildlife and plants that live there are Least Weasel, Sable, Manchurian Sika deer, Ussuri Brown Bear, Red Fox, Amur Leopard, Eurasian Lynx,Spinner Dolphin, Rough-toothed Dolphin, Greater Horseshoe Bat,Sei Whale, Northern Pika, Lesser White-toothed Shrew. And when it comes to any tourist they mainly go to the capital Pyongyang. The currency that North Korea uses is the North Korean Won. A little secret is that North Korea has about 16 Labor camps and around 200.000 prisoners.

North Korean flag

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North Korean Wons

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