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Jenn Mcallister

Jenn McAllister is a famous Youtube star,she has gained over 2.2 million subscribers. She started Youtube in the beginning of 2009. Jenn lived in Philadelphia but moved to Los Angles 2013 to help her career. She shared a apartment with Andrea Russett. Jenn also has her own merch that you can buy online.

Jenn McAllister full name is Jennifer Ann McAllister. Her height is 5'4. She has hosted the North American tour for musician Tyler Ward. She has also stared in "Bad Night". Jenn was also nominated for "Best web Collaboration and Best Comedy web star but didn't win either one. Jenn is not just a Youtube star but an actress. Jenn runs 3 channels called Jennxpenn, Jennxpenngames, and Jenn. She started her Youtube channel in January 15 2009.

Jenn signed a partnership deal with AwesomnesTV. On April 30,2014 Jenn signed a Youtube management deal with Fullscreen on march 28,2015 jenn said she was releasing a book called "Really Professional Internet Person" on August 25,2015 Jenn is American And Irish. In September 2014 Jenn partnered with non profit org. In July Jenn and Jack Baran said they were staring in a new online series with AwsomnesTV.

Jenn has also been on television. In 2013 she was in starnger Danger by herself and was on swagify for school with Master J on AwsomenessTV. In 2014 she was on Jenn and Andrea show with Andrea Russett on AwesomenessTV, and Jennxpenn Top 10 by herself. In 2015 First times with Jenn and Jack on AwesomenessTV. Jenn was born in 1996 July 9. Growing up Jenn struggled with making friends. One time her friends made fun of her youtube account and they made a Youtube account called JenniferxPennifer and would comment on her videos. Another time they talked about her behind her back.

This led Jenn to start making friends online. Sooner or later she stared video chatting with her online friends and started a collaboration group, this kinda helped out with her main channel. Sadly this collaboration group ended and after this her dad left her mom. She would still see him on the weekend's and she didn't tell her friends about it for a while, she thought they wouldn't understand. And then she stopped seeing her dad, and she didn't hangout with her friends often.

She would make excuses so she wouldn't have to hangout with them. But when her dad left she was kinda alone, because when she was little her mom worked a lot so it was just her and her dad most of the time, so she was closer to her dad then she was to her mom. Since Jenn spent so much time on the internet her mom started to her her only a few hours on her laptop so Jenn could do more stuff. One time her mom shutdown the internet but Jenn needed to post a video, Jenn begged for her to turn it on to post her video and then her mom realized how important this was to Jenn.

Her mom didn't have the same sense of humor as Jenn, one time her mom bought her something and Jenn said "Your the worst mom" as a joke and her mom took it serious. Jenn gets her sense of humor from her dad. Once Jenn started making more videos she got more attention at school. Her teachers would play her videos in class and after class kids would go up to her locker and ask for her autograph, but they didn't really mean it. If Jenn didn't sign the autograph then they would say she didn't care about her fans, and if she did sign then they would say she thinks shes all that. And through everything ,this is what made her become the start she is today.

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