Christmas at the Cerveras

Homemade from the Heart

Christmas Potluck

We look forward to seeing you all for Christmas!


Thursday, Dec. 25th, 2pm

Christine and David's House, 12531 W. 84th Circle, Arvada, CO 80005

Christmas Potluck

David will make chili. We will have tortillas, rice, appetizers and drinks. Please bring a main dish, side or dessert. There will probably be 25 - 30 people. Here are a few things we can think of that are still needed: Veggie tray with black olives, meat dish, pies.... Please reply with what you are bringing so we can see what is still needed.

We will have a homemade gift exchange. Please make something and wrap it up all spiffy. Not sure what to make? How about a knitted scarf, hand-decorated fabric tote, decorated flower pot, pottery, charm bracelet, watercolor painting, framed photo, sci-fi themed stuffed toy, music CD of your songs, wooden pencil cup, Christmas ornament or jewelry box? Or consider homemade toffee wrapped in a little glass jar, oatmeal cookies on a fancy plate, shortbread cookies, etc. Still short of ideas? Fire up Pinterest and let the inspiration flow. We want this to be fun and not overly stressful. Aim for spending around two hours or less on what you make. Cheat and just buy something if absolutely needed, we'll forgive you. :)

Looking Ahead:

Also at the Cervera Household, we'd like to invite everyone to a New Year's Eve Party/Game Night. December 31st, 7:oo PM. The theme is Japan, so we encourage everyone to dress appropriately. You know, in kimonos, yukatas, as salarymen, Lolita girls, Godzilla, etc. David will make beef bowl and party attendees can bring an appetizer/snack to share (either eastern or western style snacks okay.)