Child support referrals

When is a child support referral necessary?

*Caretaker applies for him/herself and has a child receiving Medicaid

*Child(ren) must be under 18 years of age

*Child(ren) must have at least one absent parent who isn't deceased

*Child(ren) does not have other health insurance

When is a child support referral not necessary?

*If child(ren) have other health insurance

*The child(ren) receives SSI

*During mother's post partum period

*The caretaker is receiving Transitional medicaid

*19 or 20 year olds receiving FPP ( Family Planning)

*The caretaker is pregnant: however if the caretaker is receiving MAF and has other children, a referral will need to be completed. Do not do a referral on an unborn child

*If good cause is established

Where do I do a Child support referral?

* Referral must be completed in NCFast on the case the child is receiving on.

* if the parent has multiple children that are receiving on multiple cases, a referral must be keyed on each child that the mother needs to be put in cooperation status with.

Child Support Referral steps

* Go to the Insurance Affordability (IA) that the child(ren) is receiving on

* Go to evidence dashboard

* Complete the following pieces of evidence in order

1. Child support Enforcement

2. Absent Parent

3. Absenteeism

4. IV-D Referral

*Apply your changes

* Go to actions tab ( top right corner) and select "Send IV-D referral"- The caretaker name should pop up, select the box and send

* Verifiy that a referral was sent- Got to the PDC of the IA you just sent referral on, in middle there is place that says IV-D referral, it should now say "Yes" next to it, that confirms one was sent. Navigate to the Caretaker's person page, scroll down to bottom, where it says IVD referral, it should also say "Yes" next to it.