The Outsiders.

by Anthony Esquivel.

Chapter 2 - Green Onions - Booker T and the mg's.

As Dally was waiting for Johnny and Ponyboy, at the end of a street light corner, they had enough time to go walking. They went in to a drugstore and a shopping center and goofed around.

Chapter 3 - Drive - The Cars.

After the movie was over Two-Bit offer to walk with them home, he also got them into driving them home. As they were walking to Two-Bits house to get the car Ponyboy and Cherry were talking about them self and how the greasers were different from the Socs. While they were walking a blue mustang appears behind them and it was one of Cherry's boyfriend. Soon Cherry and Marcia had to go.

Chapter 4 - Run Boy Run - Woodkid

After Ponyboy was drowned and blacked out, later on he wakes up and ends up seeing Johnny with a switch blade in his hands and sees billy dead across from him. Ponyboy and Johnny end up running away but first got to get help from Dallas and running to a train were it takes them to a abandon church.

Chapter 5 - The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel.

Ponyboy and Johnny was waiting in the church and days passes by, just waiting until it was safe enough to go out and leave.