Rocky Gap National Park

Located in Cumberland, MD

Visit an amazing park, located near the edge of Cumberland

Rocky Gap is an amazing park. It has some great scenery, and a lake called " Lake Habeeb" connected to the sandy grounds of the lakeside, which is also a great place to play, or simply enjoy the park. You can go with friends or family and have a great time by yourself, or with others. It has some beautiful trails, with some breathtaking landscape

Rocky Gap's History

Rocky gap is an amazing park that was created when a man named Jacob Evart, a European, settled in what is now Allegany County. He settled on a mountain the overlooks Rocky gap National park. Mr.Evart afterwards moved to the Wildlands of Western Maryland after a suffering a disapointing relationship. Evitt's mountain was named after Jacob Evart, as well as Evitt's Creek. The "Homesite Trail" leads hikers up on top of the mountain where Jacob's house once stood.

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