5th Grade End of Year Celebration

Kid's Community College Charter School Update: 4.4.16

Attention All 5th Grade Parents: We Need Your Help!

We are working on scheduling end of the year event for our 5th graders. In order to put on a great event for our students, please consider paying the student consumables fee. This will help up determine what kind of BUDGET we will have for their end of the year event. Please see the link for the student consumables fee so we can send our 5th graders to middle school with the most rocking end-of-the-year event ever!

Student Consumables for 5th Grade

5th Grade End of the Year Celebration

Friday, June 3rd, 9:30am

10030 Mathog Road

Riverview, FL

The day will include fun events on the front lawn. More information to come!

Chair Person

Mrs. Antonella Beck is the chairperson for this event.

Please email her at tonell817@yahoo.com for inquiries about contacts you might have, ways you can help, or if you want to donate.