Reproductive Health

By: Kathryn Gaither

Types of Exams and What They Are Looking For

Mammograms- Mammograms are looking for signs of breast cancer as well other diseases that do not have symptoms, including DCIS, which can lead to cancer.

Pap Smears- Pap Smears are looking for anything wrong with a girl's cervix, it can find if the girl might have cervix cancer, it can also detect HTV but no other diseases.

Testicular Exam- This exam is to see if there is any testicle cancer or anything abnormal that could lead to other problems.

Prostate Exam- Prostate exams are used to see if there is any prostate cancer in a male.

Who Should Be Getting These Exams? What Age Should They Start At?

Mammograms- Men and women can both get mammograms, but it is more commonly known for women to have the exam. Women (and sometimes men) should start going to have a mammogram exam around the age of 40-50.

Pap Smears- Girls should only be getting these exams, they should start at age 21, unless a doctor think something may be wrong.

Testicular Exams- Boys should be getting these exams. They should start at age 13-15. They can even examine themselves.

Prostate Exams- Males should be getting these exams, the men should start getting them around age 40-70.

How Often Should You Get These Exams?

Mammograms- Women, and men should start getting these exams every two years once they start going to the first exam.

Pap Smears- After getting your first exam, you should get one done every two to three years. Some girls may have to have them done more often, though.

Testicular Exam- Once a teenage boy starts getting exams he should get one or perform one every month.

Prostate Exam- A man should get these done every 4 years after his first exam.