Instructional eNews~January 8, 2016

Provided by Julianne S. Reynoso

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! I hope your first week back in to the new year have proven to be productive, despite the inclimate weather! Let's get creative in the classroom!

Open Enrollment Kicks off January 12th!~

Probationary Teachers

This is the time of year that we need to make a decision that will be in the best interest of our children. We need powerfully impactful and dedicated teachers. Upon my Janaury visits, we will be reviewing all Prob1 and 2 teachers. We will visit their classrooms, review data and then make a decision to retain or release these educators. "Nice" doesn't teach!

Principal's Meeting~Janury 20th

Spelling Bee

Our Annual Spelling Bee this year will be hosted at Webster Elementary School on January 27th! Thank you to all sites that have met our requested deadline and have supported their speller and alternative speller. Please be sure to have your contact educator communicate with both sudents and provided the supplied paperwork needed for them for the event.

African American Histroy Bee-February24th