Music is a Huge Problem!

Music is causing us to lose money and causes health issues

Music Streaming

Music is a huge problem in our life because we are loosing money and it is causing hearing problems! Music causes loss of hearing , music also causes people to lose millions of dollars. In conclusion music is causing health problems and money is being over used.

The disadvantages

There is alot of people who listen to music but, over 75,000 people either listen to their music way to loud to scar there eardrums or going to really loud concerts (Pheiladelphia inquirer).

As you may know there was over 1.53 million people listening to Taylors swifts album "1989" , she lost over $64 billion dollars since she sold her music for free. It feels like when u make money and then throw it away, and after a lot of thought she finally considered to change that (Los Angeles Times).


Music Industry